Real Money Ludo Game App Development Company

A cult game loved by all. Ludo is a strategic board game that almost everyone has played and which has been derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi. With Puzzle Innovationz, you can kick start your Ludo Game Development project and make tons of money as we are well-versed in developing the ultimate Real Money Ludo App that can make you a fortune.

Real Money Ludo Game App Development Company

Ludo King Clone – Game App Development

Ludo was such a game that was immensely popular among the masses because it used to unite the family members to sit together and play with fun. Even today, you can see many die-hard fans of Ludo. It’s just that the medium has changed. Unlike earlier when everyone used to play the game on a traditional board, nowadays we can play the same on our smartphone devices via a Lugo Gaming Application.

The best example is the Ludo King App which is played and enjoyed by millions of users around the world. The app is dominating the global gaming market singlehandedly and this is the reason why many tech entrepreneurs want to develop a clone app or related gaming application like Ludo King. The game comes with a multiplayer playing option that supports devices running on Android, Laptop, iOS and Windows. What makes this game so popular is that it can be played offline also with local multiplayer and computers.

Now, if you are seeking a Company that can develop a Ludo King Clone application, here the main thing comes. Puzzle Innovationz is the best Game App Development Company in India with more than 10 years of experience. We have almost touched every major country including the   GA, UK, Singapore, Australia, and India in terms of customers.

Not only in game development, but Puzzle Innovationz is also specialized in taking your business to the next level with their outstanding marketing strategies.

Modes of Ludo Board Game

Computer Mode

Computer Mode

This is a simple mode allowing the players to select the opponent as the computer.

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Local Player Mode

In this mode, the users are allowed to select the player who can be their friend using the same device.

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Online Multiplayer Mode

Here, users need to play against multiplayer from any part of the globe.

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Private Multiplayer Mode

Under this mode, the users have to play against multiplayer who can be from their friends and family.

Feature-rich Ludo Game App Development

Being a trusted and experienced game development Company in India, we create advanced features that drive you crazy. Our eminent developers are well versed in creating state-of-the-craft features that create an unforgettable impact.

Game Features

  • Register/Login
  • Private Rooms
    Private Rooms
  • Online/Offline Mode
    Online/Offline Mode
  • Practice match
    Practice match
  • Invite
  • In-app Wallets
    In-app Wallets
  • View History
    View History
  • Loyalty Points
    Loyalty Points
  • Betting Mode
    Betting Mode
  • Graphics and sound
    Graphics and sound
  • Refer and Earn
    Refer and Earn
  • Language Settings
    Language Settings

Control Panel/Admin panel

  • Admin Dashboard
    Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Users
    Manage Users
  • Referral Programs
    Referral Programs
  • Notification Management
    Notification Management

  • Game Records
  • Manage Payments
    Manage Payments

Recognized as Best Ludo Game Development Company

Puzzle Innovationz is a leading Ludo Game Development Company. We have a robust team of experienced game developers having years of experience in developing Ludo games that are engaging, entertaining and can make you remember your childhood.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Top-rated games with amazing features and functionalities
  • Recognized as Top Ludo Game App Development Company worldwide
  • More than 99% customer satisfaction rate
  • Best customer care support service
Virtual Ludo Game Development

Generate Revenue with Virtual Ludo Game Development

Video Viewing Freemium Model

Under this setup, the users are allowed to enjoy the game along with all its components free of charge. If they want to access extra features or add-ons, then they have to pay for it. They can also pay to have an add-free gaming experience. You can get an additional way to earn revenue, thanks to all the in-app bets.

Video Viewing Ads-Revenue Model

This is a very robust revenue earning model for your business. Under this model, depending upon the relevancy of these advertisements, your revenue increases. Various variables determine the income such as the conversion rate, number of views, cost per impression, clickthrough rate, or the number of clicks funneled to the advertiser.

Video Viewing Fixed Percentage Model

Under the fixed percentage model, the administrator is allowed to set a certain percentage over every game which is being played and can make necessary changes to the game later on. All these changes or alterations depend on the choices of the users. This helps in generating an outcome for the money being invested.

Video Viewing Earn and Refer Model

To familiarize more and more users with the gaming application, there has to be a feature of referral where the gamer can refer the game to others. This comes under the ‘earn and refer’ model. Depending upon the marketing model opted by the administrator, this marketing plan can be executed well. Also, this activity can be paused or started, depending upon the server traffic and user management.

Video Posting In-App Purchases

This is the most commonly used strategy for generating revenue in the application itself. Under this model, the gamer can purchase certain credits or points for enhancing their gamer profile. The administrator can also integrate e-commerce options in the application itself for encouraging more In-App purchases.

Want to know the cost of developing the Next-Gen Ludo Game App?

Fantasy Ludo Game Software and Application Screens

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Why Choose Ludo Game Developers from Puzzle Innovationz?

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Delivery within the deadline

  • Talented 2D and 3D Game Developers

  • Dedicated Remote Team to handle your project

  • Supports cross-platform compatibility

  • Get an attractive interface and user experience

  • Experienced Real Money Game Developers

  • Irreplaceable Customer Support

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Safety and security assured

  • Non-disclosure Agreement


Do you Plan to Hire a Ludo Game Developer?

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You need the expertise of an experienced mobile app development Company to get your job done. For a single platform, Ludo game Development Online can cost you around $25,000 to $30,000 with basic functionality. If you want your Ludo app to have all the advanced features and functionalities, along with compatibility with multiple platforms or operating systems, it may cost up to $50,000.
The free to play Ludo King mobile game owned by Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. claimed that it has reached a mark of $20 million in revenue in the year 2020 with millions of online downloads and user interest in online gaming.
Below mentioned factors influence mobile application cost like Ludo:
  • User Account / Play as Guest
  • More Variation
  • Private Table
  • Multi-Language
  • Daily Bonus
  • In-App Purchase
The process to develop a real money Ludo Game takes around 12 weeks generally. Although, the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the number of platforms and features.
We, at Puzzle Innovationz, focus on providing the best Ludo Game Solutions to our clients and therefore, we always stand first when it comes to client satisfaction. We have set a benchmark in the industry as we are committed to providing cost-effective, time-saving and quality-oriented gaming solutions to our customers worldwide.
We will develop a fully responsive and high-performance Ludo Gaming App for you that will guarantee you success and money-making. Various users around the world are making money via Ludo Game App by inviting their friends to Paytm First Games. You can earn daily by referring to the app.
Mostly, the technology which is popular at present is the Unity Game Engine. We prefer to develop the real money Ludo Game by using this engine. As far as the backend is concerned, we use Node.JS and