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Puzzle Innovationz is an online advertising Company which meets global standards in terms of its marketing strategies. We provide marketing strategies that are the best in the world and are highly need specific. Plus we ensure that our marketing strategies are in compliance with US email privacy laws and regulations. Our cost-effective methods are provenly efficient in encouraging ROI.

We are highly specific in creating product category targeted lists so as reach the most precious customers. A lack of communication in between you and your customers about your latest offers or new openings may mean a lot of harm to your firm’s growth. Hiring marketing masters like us will protect you from the same. Our content is attractive, creatively and intelligently crafted and is target specific so that your emails do not end as spams but provide good ROI.

Creative Email Marketing Strategies

Our marketing techniques that make us stand out truly apart as the best Email Marketing Services provider Company are simple yet powerful methods that we employ to maximize the email marketing effects, which include online discount coupons, cost-effective schemes etc. These compelling offers and schemes are what attracts the customer base and provide a good amount of ROI to the marketed emails.

Our creative, smart and experienced writers craft such intelligent messages to be posted such that your product is marketed widespread very efficiently. So join hands with our email marketing campaign and you can also send a query to get assistance from our experts.

What Makes Us Special

  • A cheap and fast way of Email marketing services.
  • Campaigns comply with US mail privacy laws and regulations
  • Targeted dispatching
  • Creative content
  • Discount coupons, cost-effective schemes and other such promotional methods

Why choosing Puzzle Innovationz is a smart decision for Email Marketing Services

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We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Email marketing is one of the approaches to digital marketing. It is used to promote product or services by sending email to the potential clients. This email is basically a piece of content which may have https://puzzleinnovationz.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07, text or deals to steal the attention of customers. You can cross-sell or up-sell the products, boost your brand awareness or retain your customers.
The Quality Assurance process is crucial. Before clicking on the send button, you have to recheck the email to identify any spelling mistake, wrong use of the word, or any small error which can turn out to be a disaster for your audience. You can also create a pre-send checklist to analyze the quality of your email.
You can grow your email list in organic ways like create a deal like a sale or discount coupon to buy your product. By that let people can buy after putting their email address. Similarly, you can offer them an interesting piece of content and ask them to fill their email contact to read its full copy. You can also use subscription forms.
It depends on your audience. Use tools to understand the activities and behavior of your customers. A plethora of tools are available for this, you can optimize these tools and identify the right time to send emails. Don’t send overly otherwise, you may be blocked or added to the spam list.
There is no fixed plan. We create our plan on the basis of discussion about your business, its objectives, customers and the specific ideas you want to implement.
No, using pre-designed email templates is one of the major mistakes done by many marketers. We recommend you to not repeat it if you are still doing so. Use custom-made email designs that are professional in look as well as make you stand out from the crowd.
Every business considers different metrics based on their requirements. First, decide your goals and analyze what kind of things you want to track and then identify the suitable metrics, you can also give a try to different metrics to know about the individual performance. There are two most common email marketing statistics available:
  • Open rate: This statistics allows you to see how much of your emails are opened or viewed.
  • Click through rate: You will get to know about how many of the recipients clicked at least a link in your email.