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What are the Advantages of Hiring Web Developers?

  • Masters at customization

The world is full of apps and websites. Though apps have a huge turn in creative web development has also amazed the world with its amazing features and next-level approach.

  • Hard-working and skilled developers

The advancement in web development has led many IT companies to hire web developers. Out of which many web developers in India are hired because of their in-depth knowledge and cost-effective approach.

  • Reliable resources

If you are looking for web developers then you must hire web developers from India.

  • Easy to hire

This is because these developers are highly skilled and work at nominal prices.

  • Reduce 60% development cost

The cost of hiring web developers from India is less and therefore, it benefits you in the end.

  • Highly experienced

The experts are also punctual and provide full support at the time of deployment and even after that which means one can expect hassle-free after-sales support from web developers of India.

  • Excellent after-sales support
  • Masters at customization
  • Reliable resources
  • Easy to hire
  • Reduce 60% development cost
  • Highly experienced
  • Excellent after-sales support
  • Hard-working and skilled developers

Hire Web Developer in 5 Simple Steps

Discuss your business idea with our Web developers and start building your perfect App.

Hire Dedicated Web Developer for Excellent Web Technologies Expertise


Php web development services in India? It is one of the vast development technologies which is into the trend and has numerous benefits. Are you looking forward to hiring a PHP web developer from India? Hire Indian web developers as they have a wide range of options that make your web development go successfully.

From customization to complex code, we are already a leader in delivering thousands of projects in PHP successfully. Simply share your ideas and let our PHP developers show their talent by delivering the best solution for you as per your requirements. For Php website development, one can always count on us as we have an expert team working with us.


WordPress is one of the highly demanded technologies in the world. Since it is lightweight and user-friendly, people choose WordPress as a first priority. There are several websites which are made in WordPress development. Many business owners revamp their website in WordPress as it is also easy to access the dashboard of the websites. We are expertise in developing the WordPress website at an optimal cost. Hire WordPress developers from India at a nominal price and save your development process charges as Indian web developers can be hired at the average cost.

We choose the perfect theme for your website which suits your business and is appreciated by your users. Our developers are also experts in customizing WordPress themes. Choose any plugin, we will integrate it safely without disturbing the entire code. With our latest approach and creativity, we are able to solve all the hindrances that come in the path of development. That’s why one should always hire WordPress developers from India as they are smart enough to handle the issues.


Do you want to expand your business online? we have a perfect map for you. Hire Magento web developer from India. Creating your online store using Magento will help you to develop an interactive and user-friendly website which will increase your sales and improve productivity. Sounds good. Right? To promote your business and sell the product, the designs and other graphics are essential as it attracts the users and engages the user.

With the leading Magento web development services from India, you can fulfill the dream of starting your eCommerce business site and make profits. let the world know about your brand. Count any plugin, we will customize and integrate into your website according to the need. Hire Magento developers from India, it will be a win-win situation for your business website.


Full-stack developer is the developer that takes charge from designing phase to final deployment, It includes business plans, mockups, designing prototype, development, and deployment. When you share your requirements with us. Our team interacts with you and understands the complete scenario.

Our experts keep pace with the technology and plan the model that suits your business. We do complete analysis of your idea, market research, and other needed factors so that you can get maximum profit from your business website. Hire full stack developers may sound too costly but if you hire a full stack developer from India then, in this case, it is a good deal for you. Full stack developers from India charge less as compared to the other countries. They have quality in their work as well.


Drupal is the next level of WordPress web development. Many complex websites choose drupal web development services as their first choice, We are fortunate as our team of Drupal developers is highly qualified and have certification in their respective fields. Either it’s designing or any customization, designers quickly work on it.

Hire Drupal developers from India. This is because you may find these developers in other countries but the cost of hiring Drupal web developers from India is much more worth it. They are punctual, well organized and cost less in hiring. Web developers in India also get many opportunities to work for overseas clients and they have proved their worth by developing crackerjack web sites.


When you talk about developing a dynamic website or application, Joomla is the first choice of the developers. Joomla is one of the best content management systems which not only helps to create engaging content but also has compatibility with most of the plugins. People often ask to add more functionality to their website by integrating the plugins. Sometimes it’s hard to integrate plugins as the plugins have their own set of features that may not be compatible with the website.

In the case of Joomla, most of the plugins are compatible with it which means your website can be full of features. By choosing Joomla developers from India, you can build a website with more features at less cost. The cost to hire Joomla developers in India is much less than the other countries. When you hire a web developer from India, it may help you to reach your website goals in less budget.


This structural framework is widely used for web apps and website development. It lets the developer use HTML as template language which makes the code writing clearly. This framework has a data binding policy which makes it more productive. Our Angular developers have worked with several businesses which made the hands clear on Angular. Your front-end must look as good as possible. This is because visuals are the first thing seen by the user.

The front end should be engaging so it holds up the curiosity of the user and lets him scroll for more features of the website. By doing such, the chances of your purpose may get fulfilled. Cost to hire Angular developers in India is affordable. These web developers from India are certified and have creativity which will make your website look more fascinating.


CodeIgniter is the PHP framework used to make dynamic websites. Our CodeIgniter developers use advanced learning about various technologies like AR, VR, IoT, Beacon, Cloud and Big Data into web development. This magnifies user interaction and makes websites user interactive. Since our developers have worked on many business modules, therefore, they have a wide range of experience in numerous industry verticals such as Media and Entertainment, Hospitality, Banking, Retail and E-Commerce, Healthcare, Logistics, etc.

The web developers of India believe in delivering result-oriented quality work with no hidden charges. The complete website analysis is done under the observance of experts. Hiring CodeIgniter developers from India will surely make your dynamic website popular among the users.


You can add multiple functionalities to your website or one can also write amazing content. But if the content and other functionalities do not view properly to the user. Then there is no use adding any feature. The visuals of the website matter a lot as it is the first thing a user sees when visits your website. Now, what if the content is not placed properly or broken? The user may lose interest in your website.

Therefore, HTML5 helps you to create better visuals of each webpage and manage the control of the content on the entire website. HireHTML5 developers from India s they are masters in designing responsive and well-structured web pages. Simply share your ideas with our experts and hire web developers from India easily.

Astonishing Web Development Services

Do you need web development services for your business? Does your existing website need revamping? We have the magic wand which will surely make your website up to mark to compete in the market and lead your brand towards success. How? The certified and highly experienced web developers of Puzzle Innovationz have all the qualities you are looking for. We have advanced tools and technologies which not only make your website look good but are well-optimized to boost digitally. To hire web developers from India, all you need to do is share your requirements with us and let our experts reach out to you to map out the perfect plan of your business website. From customization to deployment, we are your partners in planning, designing, development, deployment, and after-sales as well.

Front-end vs Back-end Development

Front-end vs Back-end Development

The website demand for both ends to be planned well. We make sure your functionalities work as interactive as your front-end.

Full-stack Development

Full-stack Development

We have a team of full stack developers who develops your idea into a complete website and launches it successfully.

Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

Does your existing website need changes or you have a unique idea for your website? Our developers will customize according to your needs.

CMS Development

CMS Development

Our certified and dedicated web developers have in-depth knowledge of various technologies that develop all types of CMS development.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Bring your business online with the help of the best eCommerce website developer from India. Expand your brands worldwide.

Open Source Web Development

Open Source Web Development

Choose any open source web development service, our web developers have the skills to convert the idea into a masterpiece website.

Saas based Solutions

Saas based Solutions

Saas based solutions with various kinds of integration and complexity are easy for our Saas developers to work on.

3rd Party/API Migration

3rd Party/API Migration

Add on the new feature on your website with our web developers. We make sure the integration is compatible with the site.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We provide full support to our clients after the website launch. Our experts are ready to assist you 24X7 to solve your queries.

Why Should You Hire Web Developers India?

Hiring web developers from India always benefits your business modules. It helps you to save your time and cost. Wondering how? Let’s find out how you can save costs by hiring web developers from India.

Reduce unnecessary expense

When you hire an in-house team, you are bound to pay them monthly even if there’s no project. In our case, pay only for projects you assign to us. Like this, you are spending your valuable money wisely. Work smartly with us and save the unnecessary expense.

Save up to max cost

The cost of hiring web developers from India is much more affordable than hiring developers from other countries. The Indian developers are experienced and dedicated plus they are ready to work at affordable prices. Hire web developers from India at an average cost to save the money up to 60%.

Get a wide range of experts

You may find limited resources when you hire an in-house team of developers, But when you hire web developers from India, there are plenty of certified and dedicated web developers who are ready to work with you at your time zone.

Save your resources

When you hire an in-house team, there is a lot of expense you put in such as rent of office, electricity bills, providing systems to the developers, etc. But when you hire developers from India, you simply have to take the follow up without spending extra resources.

Best Web Developers for Hire from Puzzle Innovationz

Best Web Developers for Hire from PuzzleInnovationz

Error-free coding

We have highly certified developers who are experts in their respective fields for many years. This reduces the chance of mistakes in the code.


Agile methodology

We follow an agile methodology which reduces the development time and makes and decreases the time to market with on-time delivery.


Quick and easy communication

You can communicate with our offshore web developers from India over any platform you want such as skype, chat, call, mails, etc.


Complete cover to payment

In case the project does not meet the requirements raised by you. Then we will provide you a complete refund and do not charge anything.


Choose your team

When hiring web developers from India, you are free to choose any developers according to your requirements. You can change the developer in the middle of the project.


Extraordinary solutions

Hire the web developers online and let our developers build the out of the box solutions for your business which is appreciated by each user of yours.


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The cost of hiring web developers is as expensive as we think. You can hire them according to your use such as hiring them on hourly, weekly, monthly, contractual basis.
It took nearly 1-2 months to build the web application. Sometimes the time may vary as per the requirement given by clients.
You can hire developers from fresher level to ninja level. We have developers of all types of experience levels from 1 year to 10+ years. Let us know what your requirements are and we will suggest your best developer according to it.
You can communicate with your hired developers via skype, call, emails, or any other platform which you want. We also have trello, slack and other management software which will help you keep the track of your development process.
Yes, We follow strict guidelines and make sure the designs and development are according to Google’s updated algorithm. Our developers and designers are aware of SEO and therefore makes the SEO-friendly website.