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Are you confused with software around you? Looking for IT consulting services? Well, we are the stoppage for all the software related queries. We,Puzzle Innovationz has genius working hard enough to plan out the best outcome for its clients. Therefore, the services provided by us can be trusted blindly. The team has experts in software engineering and provide a sack full of custom software development services.

These meticulous experts have wide knowledge about the analysis factors and maps out the perfect IT strategy for you. It is not only budget friendly but also fulfils your business goals. We blend the classic combination of your business with software. Get result-oriented advice to your business with all kinds of technology.

Software Consulting Specialities of Puzzle Innovationz

Application Advice

Experts advises the customised application strategies to make the best possible outcome from the app. It helps you to grow your business in an easy way.

Cost Effective

Prepare a budget-friendly plan according to the targeted audience and market research. Also supports the after-sales services in the maintenance.

Accurate Analysis

Analysis is pitched at an extreme level to calculate your business performance and detects the loopholes. Our masters do bourse research without troubling your workflows.


Digitally transformation of your business growth efficiency through various workflows and special methods.

Business Extension

Ensuring your presence in every channel by introducing social and other technologies to your business.

Agile Practice

The development practices are conducted under experts supervision to increase market value and productivity.

Software Advice

Planning to create a self-owned cloud-based server, our specialists have a wide range of experience level in it and can guide you well with it.

DevOps Activation

Streamlining the delivery and integrity by setting up a DevOps environment for your venture.

Upgrading Services

Updating any of the software versions, our experts have master experience in their respective field such as migration, virtualisation, etc.

Why Choose us for Software Consulting Services?

You have hundreds of reason to fall for IT consulting services of Puzzle Innovationz. Few of them are mentioned and they are convincing as well.

  • With over several years of experience, these experts of our firm have the knowledge for all you need for your business.
  • Successfully completed several consultancies and still counting in hundreds.
  • Our experts update the, serves with the trending technologies to entertain the clients well.
  • The major trending where we are growing is IoT, AI, Machine learning, Hadoop and much more.
  • The structure of work is planned out according to the specific need so that it takes less time to achieve the targets.
  • Various domains are handled by us which mainly includes Healthcare, restaurants, logistics, education, banking, IT, manufacturing and other domains.
  • A blended order of market analysis and software into your business to make it more profitable for you.

IT software Consultant of Puzzle Innovationz has the magic wand of experience that delivers the best business results for you.

We have research on a lot of firms and found that three-fourths of the business users are not satisfied with the tools and software they are using at the workplace.

Many of the software have old versions, don’t work well, has a virus or has some installation errors which sometimes halts their work. Such a problem with the software ultimately leads to falling off the graphs of business in the market. Therefore, in order to solve the problem with the software, we have introduced the IT consulting services at Puzzle Innovationz. Each business module is analysed and researched deeply before suggesting any plan.

The experts, after depth analysis, make a plan for your venture and suggest the tool or software to you. Not only suggestions works, but we also help you to install it on your business module and makes sure it works well.

The support and maintenance team takes charges of it. Once the project is finished. We provide end-to-end software development services for each domain. We are among the leading IT consulting companies recognized by critics.

Why you need a Consulting Software Company?

any business work on two pillars: employees and proper resources at work. We care about both the pillars. The better resources always lead to a happy working environment which makes your employee work more. By doing, the productivity increase automatically and business takes speed to heights. Let’s elaborate the statement of the need of custom software development Company for your business.

Imagine if you have a well-settle Company with a decent environment and have hard working employees. But the computer system and laptops are not compatible to work. The software is crashing or taking time to load, it may sometimes lead to unwanted deletion of data as well. There are a lot of issues that can be faced by software. Such issues often lead to a negative outcome. The problems involve:


  • Inappropriate estimation of requirements
  • Targets or goals are not achieved according to the plan
  • Choosing of wrong technology
  • ill-suited architecture


  • Messed up code
  • Security concerns
  • Failed system integration
  • Poor data handling

Team Management

  • Miscommunication in team
  • Unorganised work
  • Useless   GAge of resources
  • Delayed in delivery

How we can help you?

NineHertz, one of the renowned custom software development Company in India, is ready to help you at any stage of work. Our experts can provide software consulting services at any stage. There are sometimes when the wrong choice of software slowdowns your work and then you turn up frustrated. Well, we are ready to listen to your problems and map out the best software for your venture. This will not only make your business at heights but also makes your work go easy for your employees. Improving your software quality will lead to a higher success rate and perfect outcome.

Analysing application notion

We analyse the market needs related to your venture. After this, we discuss the idea with you and together creates the agenda of the app. When the entire market and venture research is completed, then we develop an application concept that will become the reason for your success.

Technology selection process

Since we are replacing the ineffective software, we make sure that the new version helps you not in the current stage, but also beneficial for the future. With the high-end knowledge in technology, our experts assist you to choose the best technology that fits perfectly in your business.

Guaranteed integration

We ensure that the new software installation is secure and the third party integration is guaranteed, licenced and has smooth workings. The software installed has no data duplication characteristics and neither slow down the systems.

Requirement analysis

We help you to upgrade and clarify your issues in the business model. With diagrams, flowcharts and other techniques the requirement list is made for the business by our experts and therefore it will lead to accurate requirement resources of the project.

Easy project management

With the experience of installation of 100+ software, we boost up the project by mapping the accurate plan. It increases the transparency in the project and therefore makes your project looks 100% accurate and generates positive results from it. The overall project management depends on the quality of the software.

Creating architecture arc

Keeping the note of emerging technologies, we create the architecture of the application in such a way that it maintains the software characteristics and at the same time benefits the business module. The team develops a clear vision related to venture and thus make the application which meets your expectations, business deals, fulfil requirements analysis, and future scalability.

Software Protection

Using of best tools of multi-level controls and understanding the security threads, we help to create high standard security ways, confidentiality, and authentication to create a security shield for your software. We explain the reliability of your future software by suggesting better designs and structures with guidelines on every stage. The software is also protected by cyber attacks and has the scope of updating future. Helping to form industry-specific security requirements such as HIPPA, GDPR, etc. These guidelines are given under professional experts.

Software Quality Assurance

We assure that the software meets all business expectation and is a reliable source for the project. We have QA strategist who reviews the product before delivery. This finishes the chance of any error or ambiguity. The QA consultant ensures that the set requirement is complete and make relevant test strategy in order to check it. They also pay special attention to the project requires compliance with these two factors: 1. Process(ISO9000, ISO/IEC/IEEE 291 19-3-2013); 2. Product quality standards(GAMP, HIPAA, PCI-DSS).


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

  • React

  • .NET

  • Python

  • Node.js

  • JAVA

  • PHP

  • Apache

  • Azure

  • Hadoop

  • MongoDB

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Apache

  • Xamarin

  • Cordova

  • Windows

  • Oracle

  • SQL

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Consultants discuss the issues faced by you and give you the best solution on the basis of their research and analysis. What is the difference between software developer, software consultant and software contractor?
Software developer codes and build the software whereas the software consultant plan out the structure of the software which fits for your business. A software contractor is hired for a specific period of time to fulfil the limited roles of the project.
  • Software consultant analysis and study the deep about the venture
  • They create the plan with their excellent market research and passes on to software developers to build it.
  • Software consultant advice the best practices to raise your business graphs and provide the IT software services accordingly.
Yes, you’ll be having a full-time expert who will sort all your queries and will update you at every stage of the software development process.
If your current software needs some changes we will plan and make changes in that. If not, then we will suggest taking the new plan. It totally depends on which software you’re using.
Our support and maintenance are ready to assist you 24X7. You can contact us after the software installation. We would love to guide you.
Methodology: The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).