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Alluring Virtual Reality App Development Services

How about experiencing the living world which does not even exist for real? What if you can tour a world which is full of your imagination? Or it has several fictional characters you wish? Well, you’re already imagining it and thinking of how it is possible.

The possibility has a name called Virtual Reality Development services withPuzzle Innovationz. When comes to virtual reality, our team has committed developers who create outstanding UI/UX and holograms with the matching wavelength to your venture. We believe in the technology of narrowing the gap between the real and virtual world, and meet the user’s expectation. It’s not only about relating VR with your venture, but also about raising the graphs of your business through our analysis.

The experts ofPuzzle Innovationz closely study the market of your business and analyze the needs and demands of the market. Likewise, we build a strategy to build a VR version for our clients so that they can relate the technology closer to the venture and make more audience for them. The analysis controls the market research, products, target audience, need and other important factors that play a vital role in planning the objective of building the best virtual reality mobile app development. From a simple VR app development to a complex VR application, we have manufacturing of each with the best price in the industry.

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VR App Development Services Provider

NineHertz, Virtual Reality app development Company offers the best and most interactive VR services at an affordable cost. We have experts in creating the memorable experience of VR technology to increase your business graphs by the night.

  • VR Integration In Various Modules
  • Virtual Product Environment Through AR
  • Presentation And Sales Tools Of VR
  • 3-D Walk With VR
  • Secure Deployment of VR
  • Marketing and E-commerce with VR

What is Virtual Reality

VR is a full immersion computer-simulated environment that gives users the feel of being into the environment as the state of what they are actually in. Many video game companies have already launched this technology that makes the user sit on the driver seat of the cars, war on the battlefield, or in an imaginary world. It makes the one experience the virtual world by being into the actual world. Isn’t it great to tour a world which has different characters while sitting in a room? VR has a lot of gadgets which makes it connected to people.

One of the most popular ways to visualize the virtual reality is through the headset. A headset covering your eyes uses stereoscopic displays to picturise the virtual view in front of your eyes. It changes its vector according to the movement of the head and eyes. Other sensory stimulations are sound, tactile touch, etc.

VR has a lot of other practices apart from gaming. It was used to train medical student, military soldiers, pilots, real estate, etc. Most of the people have used snapchat filters, played pokemon go, then you have luckily used the primitive version of Virtual reality. One should join hands with VR technology in order to achieve heights in their business.

Industries we serve


Virtual reality solutions offer medical professionals to learn new skills by creating the hologram in the virtual world and experimenting it in the computerized world.


It is the best approach to make the studies more interesting and fruitful. VR helps to learn the lessons in a better way and keeps a healthy classroom environment.


Apart from gaming, it has marked its excellence in Music apps, VR theme parks, VR theaters, galleries, etc. Likewise, the entertainment industry is spreading its advancement with Virtual Reality.

E-commerce & Retail

VR helps online businesses to represent their product virtuality so that users across the globe witness it easily and thus it increases the profit and expands the business.

Real estate

VR offers a visualization of the property before construction. Users can feel the view of their house and make the changes in the plan structure.

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Virtual Reality Mobile App Development

VR App development for Android and iOS apps

We have an amazing VR solution for Android, iOS, iPad devices. Get the compatible app with a hassle-free performance for a diverse range of devices. Get feature-rich VR mobile app development solutions at budget-friendly cost.

VR Apps for Headsets

We make compatible headsets of Oculus Rift, HTC, WMR, etc, which help you to visualize giant virtual screens and desktop screens. These high-end sets require fine apps to work and we deliver the finest quality in the industry to make your VR experience better.

VR Support & Maintenance

We believe in happy customer policy and therefore sere our customers not only during the service but also takes care after the service. Providing 24X7 support to our clients after the deployment of the application. We are here to sort your queries at anytime.

Game App by VR

We define the entire package of gaming of each game. The complete sensory immersion and high-end quality of games are made in Puzzle Innovationz which not only makes the game better but also takes the full use of VR game development technology.

VR Integration Marketing to E-commerce

Experience the ADs of product, witness the product on VR before purchasing and create an impact on your user by offers then VR based technology services.

VR Cardboard Applications

Our experts have deep knowledge about google cardboard VR that enables a scope to reach a wide audience to consume VR apps easily. Enhance fan following of your product across the globe with Puzzle Innovationz.

VR Application Development Tools We Use

Unreal Engine

This engine is a gaming engine with outstanding VR integrations. The graphics from these tools are real-like and gives a realistic feel with the outcome. With its great performance and modern environment, this shows great performance with all platforms.

Unity 3D

It is one of the most important tools used in VR app development and is known for building games. One directly preview the work in HMD (Head Mounted Display) that boost up the productivity of VR. It is a default tool for VR development due to its easily-to-use features.


One of the famous tool among VR developers due to its free and open source feature written in Python. One can export the model to multiple formats that can be accessed by other tools as well. It’s a great plugin for exporting the creations with a free open source called FireVR plugin.


A-Frame by Mozilla builds the VR based app with HTML by using the Entity Component Ecosystem. It works on various mobile platforms, Vive, Rift, desktop, etc. This tool is easy in use for Web developers.

It is a WebVR editor in the browser which is built with NodeJS and Three.js. It allows visual programming environment fro WebVR, WebGL, and other HTML5 API with amazing features such as live preview, unlimited audio, catalogs of preset, and more.


This google’s tool is used for basic modeling of an application with a low learning curve. The tutorial s are available online with an easy explanation of 3D modeling concepts.

The Process Cycle of VR Development Project


Scene Detection

3D modeling of view

Application UI/UX


Application Backend

Interaction of logic

Machine learning

Third party integration (if needed)

Image and other recognition

Application Backend


Tuning and performance of an application

CMS and CRM integration

Monitoring and maintenance

Technologies That are Key To Success

  • Xcode
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • AndroidSDK
  • Java
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • React
  • Kotlin
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Mocha
  • Jasmine
  • CoffeeScript
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RethinkDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator

Industries We Work With

Working for 9+ years deepens our knowledge in the diverse domains. We serve a wide range of industries including Logistics, Travel, Real-Estate, Healthcare, FMCG, Not-For-Profit, Banking, etc.